Together We Stand

BC Mission Boat Society is comprised of many different people who contribute to the ministry. We are blessed by prayer partners, donors, volunteers and teams who serve in the communities. Please connect with us to find out various ways that you can be involved!

We are so blessed to have the support of many prayer partners. It is comforting to know that people like you are lifting up our ministry, teams, and the precious people we serve in the communities we are invited into along the BC Coast. To join our our monthly praise and prayer updates, please subscribe below.

We believe that personal preparation is one of the greatest things that you can do to get ready for your mission trip. Seeking the Lord, praying and posture are all important elements to getting yourself ready. Below we have listed a few ways that we would ask you to prepare yourself, prior to your mission trip.

Start praying now for your excitements, travel, fears and the people that you will be in ministry with. We also recommend you to find 5 people to pray for you while you prepare, during your mission trip, and post trip. This maybe your pastor, family, close friends, or teammate.

We cannot stress enough the importance of being in the bible daily. In your preparations, please seek to find time daily to be absorbed and embraced by God’s word.

Read all Materials
We understand that many of you are busy and the task of reading a lot of material can be daunting. We work to respect that by trying not to waste your time with extra materials and fluff. We would ask that you would respect us and your mission trip by reading all materials in response.

Discuss                                                                                                                                                                        We ask that you talk with your pastor, family, friends or others that have been on a mission trip or especially a BC Mission Boat Society trip. We find that these individuals often are able to add some neat insight and reflection from past experiences. These people often times make great prayer partners.

This is the way in which you carry yourself, act, or present yourself. Take a moment to see if there are any areas that you need to pray about and change. We understand that this maybe a challenging area to process and work on. This is a very important area on your mission trip as the majority of all communication is not verbal. Please become familiar with your actions now and allow room for others to help you in this area.

The BC Mission Boat Society is grateful for it’s many volunteers. We have lots of opportunities located in the Comox Valley!

  • Newsletter Mail Out
  • Cook a meal for a team
  • Assemble craft kits
  • Make cookies for kids
  • Join us for prayer

“It’s an experience you will never forget in your own backyard. People travel to other places to do missions and don’t realize what there is here in Canada.”

Harold // Mission Teams 2006-2010

“The three [mission] teams…share[d] their stories and experiences with each other: stories of God’s love both experienced and shared through laughter, little children, music, and more! God worked in all of us, and through all of us, in some pretty amazing ways!”

Concordia University // 2002-2012

“I learned that my expectations of myself in the role of ‘missionary,’ or maybe my definition of a missionary are different than what’s really needed in order to be effective on a mission field. It takes smiling at a stranger, colouring a picture and sharing crayons, telling a story, or saying a simple heart felt prayer… it’s the little things that matter more than we think or can see.”

Stacie // Mission Team 2011