How-to Set Up an Interac e-Transfer

Email money transfers are a great way to donate right from your bank account. They are a bit more challenging to set up but they help the BC Mission Boat Society avoid payment processing fees. We recommend e-transfers for long-time members and frequent givers.


Sign in to your online bank and find Interac e-Transfers. These may also be called e-mail money transfers.


Great, now you can add BCMBS as a recipient of a transfer. Add the following details.

Name: BC Mission Boat Society


It’s important to get the email right. Save the new recipient and continue.


Now you’re ready to send money through an e-transfer. Create a new e-transfer and enter the following information.

Recipient: BC Mission Boat Society

Message: N/A

Amount: Choose the amount you would like to donate. (Note: Each bank has a limit on how much can be transferred daily which is $3500)

Account: Choose the account you would like to transfer money from.


Now the last step is to send the transfer. Some banks also allow you to set up recurring transfers if you would like.

Thank you so much for supporting BC Mission Boat Society.